I tested this on a brand new iMac (delivered today) with Snow Leopard:

Rails was installed with Aptana RadRails.

>From there on i did:

sudo gem install radiant
sudo gem install rake --version 1.0.1  // Or similar, can not remember which 
one radiant required
radiant --database=sqlite3 myTest
cd myTest

% rake radiant:freeze:edge
% rake radiant:update
% rake db:migrate
(According to install notes for "bleeding edge")

% rake db:bootstrap

-> Leaving all default, i've choosen empty template

Everything works fine except for MarkDownFilter. When i put that on a page i 
get the following error:
   NameError in SiteController#show_page

undefined local variable or method `auto_ids' for #<MarkdownFilter:0x10314f218>

Is the "trunk" broken or is it my fault and i'm doing something wrong? Can 
anyone reproduce this?

Best regards

Johannes Fritsch
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