I am just starting to use Radiant. So far I have only been setting up 
Radiant sites on  my own machines for testing and development but I am 
at a stage where I am ready to begin hosting on public servers and can 
not decide what the best approach to take is.
I need to host multiple domains. I can do this in  rails containers or 
on a vps type of deal but that can get expensive. I would like to be 
able to host multiple domains from one webserver. I need site owners to 
be able to log in to their own site for editing purposes but do not want 
them to have shared access. That sort of rules out the possibility of 
making each domain a child page for the hosting domain and then 
redirecting to those subdirectories.

Will the multi_site extension allow me to have different users with 
access only to specific domains? I have not yet had success getting this 
extension installed correctly (haven't given up yet!) but there is such 
limited documentation that I am not even sure if it works the way that I 
hope it does.

Basically I am hoping people can point me to good resources or have 
suggestions for ways to host my own radiant sites. For my other sites I 
currently host with mediatemple and would like to keep with them if I 
can host multiple radiant sites from one server...

Sorry for the beginner questions.

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