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> Basically I am hoping people can point me to good resources or have
> suggestions for ways to host my own radiant sites. For my other sites I
> currently host with mediatemple and would like to keep with them if I
> can host multiple radiant sites from one server...

Have a look at Heroku: http://heroku.com/

It's ideal for Radiant sites as it does lots of caching and Radiant
likes to be cached:


For low traffic sites with a small database, it works perfectly well
on the free 1-dyno plan.

http://heroku.com/pricing#blossom-1-0 | http://docs.heroku.com/dynos

You can pull down the live database and work on it locally, then push
it back up super-easily:


But perhaps, most importantly, Heroku abstracts away the whole server
management thing and frees up more of your time for development. I
can't recommend them warmly enough.

> Sorry for the beginner questions.

No worries, we are all beginners at something. :-)

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