Hi everybody,

I'm working for a web agency, and we got really enthusiastic about Radiant.
What we love is how simple is the admin and that it gives complete control
to a web designer. Most of our sites are statics pages, so Radiant looks
just great for that.

Said that, we very often need a contact form. Mailer extension works like a
charm. I'm very happy with that.
More importantly we need to be a able to collect email adresses trough a one
text field form and then be able to send emails to all those people.

I'm trying to use the *newsletter extension* on 0.8.1 by Andrea Franz. It
won't work. For example :
rake RAILS_ENV="production" radiant:extensions:newsletter:page:new
*There are some errors:
 * slug already in use for child of parent*
Moreover this message is displayed when I try to edit a page in the
administration: `*page_edit_main_newsletter' default partial not found!*'

So this extension is not working. This is not surprising as it's not
maintain for new versions of Radiant. But may be there is a simple trick ?

Do you guys know how to make it work, or is there any other solution ? Like
something based on mailer + database_mailer ?
I'm so sorry I would have to abandon this CMS if I don't find a newsletter
solution. I mean it's so basic, a lot of static web site just need this
dynamic feature. I thought it was something a lot of people use. I'm barely
new at Ruby On Rails, I'd love to contribute in anyway.

Thanks for the work done with Radiant and all the extentions ! Hope that
someone will be able to help me on this one.

Vincent Brouillet
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