On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 4:10 AM, Xavier Guardiola
<xavier.guardi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Im trying to install settings extension to edge but after the
> installation+migration+update but when I try to access the settings tab the
> whole app freezes and pops up the following error:
> Rendered admin/users/_password_fields (19.4ms)
> Completed in 167ms (View: 145, DB: 4) | 200 OK [
> http://localhost/admin/preferences/edit]
> Thu Apr 01 11:45:41 +0200 2010: Read error: #<NoMethodError: undefined
> method `remove' for #<Radiant::AdminUI::NavTab:
> 0x27f83dc>>
> /vendor/extensions/settings/settings_extension.rb:41:in `deactivate'
> /vendor/radiant/lib/radiant/extension.rb:86:in `deactivate'
> May this mean settings is still not ready for 0.9?

most likely that is what it means. fortunately you don't really need
it for anything. you can set any options from the rails console.

cd radiant_project
Radiant::Config['defaults.page.filter'] = 'Markdown'

Refer to the wiki for more available options.
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