>> Im trying to install settings extension to edge but after the
>> installation+migration+update but when I try to access the settings tab the
>> whole app freezes and pops up the following error:
>> Rendered admin/users/_password_fields (19.4ms)
>> Completed in 167ms (View: 145, DB: 4) | 200 OK [
>> http://localhost/admin/preferences/edit]
>> Thu Apr 01 11:45:41 +0200 2010: Read error: #<NoMethodError: undefined
>> method `remove' for #<Radiant::AdminUI::NavTab:
>> 0x27f83dc>>
>> /vendor/extensions/settings/settings_extension.rb:41:in `deactivate'
>> /vendor/radiant/lib/radiant/extension.rb:86:in `deactivate'
>> May this mean settings is still not ready for 0.9?
> most likely that is what it means. fortunately you don't really need
> it for anything. you can set any options from the rails console.
> cd radiant_project
> script/console
> Radiant::Config['defaults.page.filter'] = 'Markdown'
> ..

Jim posted a blog a while back with another easy way to set the config values 
and keep them in version control:


This seems like the best way to go.


Keith Bingman

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