Announcing the second release candidate of Radiant 0.9.0.

The big news in this release internationalization. For that we have
many developers to thank, but in particular Keith Bingman for
organizing the effort.

There are a couple of changes that are worth mentioning, but see the for the full
details. What’s changed?

* The tab API has solidified.
* There are new features for pagination (requiring will_paginate).
* You can now run Radiant from a sub-directory.
* When selecting a published date in the future, Radiant will treat
the content as hidden until that date
* Extensions may be loaded as gems and generated extensions now have
features to easily create gems with Jeweler
* We’re running on Rails 2.3.5 (but don’t worry, we’re working on Rails 3)

If you are an extension developer, begin upgrading now. The official
release of 0.9 is just around the corner.

As always we welcome your feedback and contributions.

Additionally, version 0.8.2 has quietly been released to prevent
problems with running rake commands while newer cucumber versions are
installed on your system. There are no new features in 0.8.2.

Download & Install

You can download the gem here

Install it with the gem command:

$ gem install radiant --prerelease

This will install the gem as ‘radiant-0.9.0.rc2’.

How to Upgrade an Existing Project or Site

1. Update the Radiant assets from in your project:

rake radiant:update

2. Migrate the database:

rake production db:migrate

3. Restart the web server

Jim Gay
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