On 02 Jun 2010, at 3:06 PM, trans wrote:

> Can anyone fill me in on the fix?
>  tr...@logisys:radiant$ rake production db:bootstrap
>  (in /home/trans/Company/PsyTech/jobs/sunventures/radiant)
>  rake aborted!
>  can't activate rack (~> 1.0.0, runtime) for [], already activated
> rack-1.1.0 for ["radiant-0.8.2"]

it's a well known issue (with rails i think) and usually the simplest fix is to 
uninstall rack 1.1.0 and install 1.0.1. i believe there was a commit recently 
that fixes this on master so at least 0.9 when its released won't suffer from 

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