Hi Marshal,

There used to be a load-order issue that could cause this if you weren't explicitly loading PageParts before PageFactory, but I thought I'd solved that. Can you:

1) Confirm you're on the latest revision of PageFactory. If you already are, or if that doesn't fix it, then:
2) Configure environment.rb to load :page_parts before :page_factory.

Let me know what happens.


On Jun 13, 2010, at 2:09 PM, Marshal Linfoot wrote:

I'm trying out the Page Factory and Page Parts extensions with Radiant 0.9 (edge) and have run into a small problem. I've created a new page factory, lib/events_page_factory.rb, that contains the following:

  class EventsPageFactory < PageFactory::Base
  description "An Events page"
  part 'sidebar'
  part 'extended'
  part 'teacher', :page_part_type => 'StringPagePart'
  part 'startdate', :page_part_type => 'DatePagePart'
  part 'enddate', :page_part_type => 'DatePagePart'

When I select the "Events Page" from the popup when creating a new page, all the page parts are created, but the 'teacher', 'startdate', and 'enddate' parts are text area parts instead of the expected basic page parts of single line text and dates. I followed the example from the screencast for specifying the page_part_type. What am I missing?

Appreciate any help.

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