I've been struggling (unsuccessfully) to get the paperclipped extension to
work on Radiant 0.9. The master branch at git://
github.com/kbingman/paperclipped.git almost works, but clicking on the "Show
Assets Bucket" button does nothing. Looking at the javascript console in the
chrome browser, it could not find the dragdrop.js file. I symlinked the one
in javascripts/admin and all the errors disappeared except for an "Uncaught
ReferenceError: center is not defined" on line 101. Now what?

If anyone can help resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. Everything
else is working like a charm on Radiant 0.9 edge; this is the last hurdle.

I wonder if I have the right paperclipped extension. There seems to be
several on github. Can anyone advise me as to which one is the "officially
supported" and most current version?


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