Hi Marshall/Josh

Thanks for the info.
I've installed Page Factory and Page Parts and I agree, very useful

Unfortunately I get an error when I try and output the date held in my
start_page part using the <r:date for="start_date" /> tag. I can
output the date just fine if I use <r:content part="start_date"/> ,
obviously the date is then unformatted:

StandardTags::TagError (Invalid value for 'for' attribute.):
  vendor/radiant/app/models/standard_tags.rb:597:in `tag:date'
  vendor/radiant/lib/radiant/taggable.rb:33:in `send'
  vendor/radiant/lib/radiant/taggable.rb:33:in `render_tag'
  vendor/radiant/app/models/page_context.rb:10:in `initialize'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/context.rb:62:in `call'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/context.rb:62:in `render_tag'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/context.rb:93:in `stack'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/context.rb:61:in `render_tag'
  vendor/radiant/app/models/page_context.rb:18:in `render_tag'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/parser.rb:50:in `stack_up'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/parse_tag.rb:12:in `call'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/parse_tag.rb:12:in `to_s'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/parser.rb:54:in `stack_up'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/tag_binding.rb:33:in `call'
  vendor/radiant/vendor/radius/lib/radius/tag_binding.rb:33:in `expand'

I installed Page Parts with script/extension install and I'm on 0.9RC2.
Any ideas out there? Josh?



On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 8:00 PM, Marshal Linfoot <mlinf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Brian.
> In case you're thinking about using the page_parts extension, I have a
> simple example to show how that might work for you. Page_factory and
> page_parts are two excellent extensions, by the way -- highly recommend
> them. Page_parts comes with some built-in custom parts, in particular the
> datetime part is very useful.
> In my site, I use page_parts to define the startdate and enddate of events.
> These are tabs that have a calendar date picker, really convenient when
> adding a new event, less error prone than typing the date. The content of
> the startdate and enddate parts can then be used anywhere in your site.
> Let's say from some other page you wanted to list upcoming events. The code
> would look something like this:
>   <ul>
>   <r:find url="/events">
>      <r:children:each>
>         <r:if_later part="startdate">
>            <li><r:date for="startdate" format="%A, %B %d:" /> <r:title
> /></li>
>         </r:if_later>
>      </r:children:each>
>   </r:find>
>   </ul>
> This assumes your events are ordered by start date.
> Hope this helps as a starting place for some ideas.
> --
> marshal

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