Hi all

My current workflow is this:

1) dev locally
2) rake db:super_export
3) svn commit
4) cap deploy - to test server
5) rake production db:super_import - on test server

I'm working with another colleague who's largely focussing on
layouts/css. He doesn't have a local installation so has been working
directly on the test server - that doesn't really effect the issue
though. I occasionally checked in with him and backed up, versioned
and locally installed his changes from test.

Mostly his changes were fairly superficial so it largely worked. I
guess you can see what's coming, the other day we got stuck in
conflict hell and had to redo changes, lost pages etc.

Clearly, this process won't really work, perhaps the point here is
that we're just supposed to share one installation, wiki stylee?
I guess if I separated out "structural" work locally (extensions etc)
and just did layout/presentation work on test things would be a bit

Anyone else out there got a better working practice?




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