This is how we work, often we have multiple developers working on a
single project

Everyone has there own local dev env

We usually have a staging env and a production env

layouts and snippets live in svn we use the file_system extension to
import them into the database on deploy, we scoped file_system to only
include snippets and layouts, content (pages) does not live in svn as
clients usually need to be able to update these, we have a few cap
tasks to sync data/assets from staging or production to our local

We keep all js and css in the public folder, and do not manage them
inside radiant, it seems more natural this way. The same thing goes
for using the file_system extension for layouts and snippets, its much
nicer to store these in the design folder and code in a text editor
then it is to code in a browser textbox.

Although we usually only have a few people working on a site, we could
have 5 sometimes more people working on the same site at once and this
approach has worked well for us for a number of years now.

On Jun 22, 10:27 pm, Matt Spendlove <> wrote:
> Hi all
> My current workflow is this:
> 1) dev locally
> 2) rake db:super_export
> 3) svn commit
> 4) cap deploy - to test server
> 5) rake production db:super_import - on test server
> I'm working with another colleague who's largely focussing on
> layouts/css. He doesn't have a local installation so has been working
> directly on the test server - that doesn't really effect the issue
> though. I occasionally checked in with him and backed up, versioned
> and locally installed his changes from test.
> Mostly his changes were fairly superficial so it largely worked. I
> guess you can see what's coming, the other day we got stuck in
> conflict hell and had to redo changes, lost pages etc.
> Clearly, this process won't really work, perhaps the point here is
> that we're just supposed to share one installation, wiki stylee?
> I guess if I separated out "structural" work locally (extensions etc)
> and just did layout/presentation work on test things would be a bit
> safer..
> Anyone else out there got a better working practice?
> Cheers
> Matt
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