Oh, then pay somebody to make the multi-site update instead of paying for 
Coldfusion. :) Actually I'm interested in an updated version of multi-site 
where you can assign different sites for different accounts... but no panic at 
this point. I'd also need to make sure that all of the other extensions that I 
need are in place, and right now I'm on vacation. :)

  cheers, Simon

On Jul 27, 2010, at 08:47 , Alexis Masters wrote:

> Is anyone making any progress in getting multi site going on 9.1? It is a 
> core extension for me, and I can't do any more Radiant sites without it. To 
> get the functionality I need, I've actually been driven back to Coldfusion, a 
> fate almost worse than death :-)
> ~ Alexis

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