Hi Keith,

Thanks for your reply. 
I had the settings in place. I tried your setting, restarted apache and the 
path looks still like this:
It should look like, no?:

The problem is, that it won't find the assets once I push it to heroku.


On 11.08.2010, at 10:26, kbingman wrote:

> You need to set the path in you Radiant::Config. I use the Settings
> extension to make it easier.
> Here is mine: :class/:id/:basename:no_original_style.:extension
> Hope that helps
> keith
> On Aug 9, 7:18 pm, cmyk <philipp.rin...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've got an issue with the paperclipped extension and s3.
>> I set it to use S3 and it works, but the path it saves the images to
>> (on the s3 server) looks exactly like the path on my system (/Users/
>> cmyk/Sites/etc...)
>> And when I upload something on heroku, the path looks like disk1/home/
>> slugs etc..
>> Any ideas on how to fix that?

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