Hi all.

I'm new to Radiant and want to use it on a simple project I'm doing
for one of my brothers, a graphic designer. The site is approximately
5 pages (Home, About, Design, etc..).  Each of the pages will have a
bit of text that should be editable.  The home page will have a brief
6 image gallery of his best work while both the photography and design
pages will include more in depth portfolios.

Essentially, since I'm new to Radiant, I'd like to get a head start by
learning which extensions and systems of thought would work best for
such a project.  Once the site is done, my brother will be managing
the upkeep of content.

Pointers to good extensions for: galleries, photo upload, code
editing, etc would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a programmer and am very fond of writing my code in a rich
environment with syntax highlighting and other helps.  It's going to
be a bit of a stretch to just use white and black, so if any of you
have found a better way, let me know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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