Yeah, I've got paperclipped up and running and I'm using Avlux for my
hosting.  The only thing paperclipped lacks for my specific project is
to be able to upload your own thumbnails for an image instead of using
the default resized ones.

My client is a designer and he wants the thumbnails to be cropped-in
versions of the design.  It's really important that he have the
ability to upload his own thumbnails.  Has anybody needed this
before?  If not, what would be the process for getting it done?

On Aug 29, 10:42 am, Hugh Macmillan <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am also a new user of Radiant.  I now have it up and running for my
> website
> I have used Radiant 0.9, extended with paperclipped for the images and
> reorder for getting the buttons in the order I want.  I have also
> installed fckeditor.  I would prefer to use Tiny MCE but I have not
> been able to get it to work with paperclipped.
> My website is hosted on a Joyent shared hosting server.
> I can say that I am very pleased with Radiant because it does exactly
> what I want in an easily understandable way.  However, I have also to
> say that it has been a nightmare to get it up and running.  Endless
> problems with Gem versions, things not working and the Joyent
> instructions not being quite spot on.
> MediaMaid looked really cool - but I couldn't get it to work.
> Paperclipped uploader is a really good idea, but the button doesn't
> appear so you have to figure out the URL.  Tiny MCE extension would be
> nice, but I have spent fruitless time on it.
> One thing I would say to a new user of Radiant: beware of which
> environment you are installing your extensions to!
> Regards,
> Hugh Macmillan
> On Aug 28, 8:58 pm, Mike <> wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > I'm new to Radiant and want to use it on a simple project I'm doing
> > for one of my brothers, a graphic designer. The site is approximately
> > 5 pages (Home, About, Design, etc..).  Each of the pages will have a
> > bit of text that should be editable.  The home page will have a brief
> > 6 image gallery of his best work while both the photography and design
> > pages will include more in depth portfolios.
> > Essentially, since I'm new to Radiant, I'd like to get a head start by
> > learning which extensions and systems of thought would work best for
> > such a project.  Once the site is done, my brother will be managing
> > the upkeep of content.
> > Pointers to good extensions for: galleries, photo upload, code
> > editing, etc would be greatly appreciated.
> > I'm a programmer and am very fond of writing my code in a rich
> > environment with syntax highlighting and other helps.  It's going to
> > be a bit of a stretch to just use white and black, so if any of you
> > have found a better way, let me know.
> > Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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