Hey all,

I have what is hopefully a quick issue.  My public facing site is
running great, but the admin side doesn't work in production on
Heroku.  Here's the trace:

ActionView::TemplateError (Read-only file system -
- Heroku has a read-only filesystem.  See
http://docs.heroku.com/constraints#read-only-filesystem) on line #9 of
6:     - @stylesheets.uniq.each do |stylesheet|
7:       = stylesheet_link_tag stylesheet
8:     %script{:type=>"text/javascript"}="var relative_url_root =
9:     = javascript_include_tag %w(admin/prototype admin/effects
admin/lowpro admin/dateinput admin/pagestatus admin/cookie admin/popup
admin/status admin/utility admin/codearea admin/tabcontrol
admin/ruledtable admin/sitemap admin/shortcuts admin/toggle
admin/validationerror admin/application), :cache => 'admin/all'
10:     - @javascripts.uniq.each do |javascript|
11:       = javascript_include_tag javascript
12:     - if @content_for_page_scripts

This is Radiant 0.9.1.  It looks like the javascript_include_tag is
trying to cache into 'admin/all' but failing because of the read-only
file system.



Jeff Casimir
Jumpstart Lab by Casimir Creative, LLC
@jumpstartlab on twitter

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