Hi there.

$ gem list radiant
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
radiant (0.9.1, 0.8.2)

I have a few 0.8.2 sites in production on Heroku working fine.  For a
new site, I started using 0.9.1, but noticed that the local versions
of my 0.8.2 sites were picking up the 0.9.1 gem.  Obviously the Heroku
gems manifest does not affect my local environment (too bad).

First I tried
  config.gem 'radiant', :version => '0.8.2'
in environment.rb, but no luck.

This can be fixed by "gem unpack radiant -v=0.8.2" into the vendor
directory of my local repositories (followed by a rename of course).
The problem is that my repository's size increases by 15MB.

I could push this to heroku and be done, but I'd like to avoid doing
that by being able to tell Radiant to boot locally using the 0.8.2

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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