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On 23 Sep 2010, at 22:47, D.Kreft wrote:
> > But isn't it a bit "bad" (to put it mildly) that running the migrate rake
> tasks would drop all of my tables? That's not much of a "migration"--it's
> more like a hostile takeover. I'm reminded that a few months back I did an
> upgrade from 0.6.7 to 0.8.1 (that work has been lost, unfortunately) and I
> didn't have this data loss problem.
> It certainly shouldn't do that. Are you sure you didn't run bootstrap?

Absolutely positive. I had another developer watching over my shoulder. The
problem is that the SNS extension added rows into the schema_info table that
totally screw everything up because the version number was something like
"Styles-n-Scripts-10" (sorry, I don't have an example because I've long
since gone in another direction).


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