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> Hello List :
> I have an older 8.1 Radiant site with the Gallery extension, installed in 
> early 2009. The client has a fairly large collection of images up there.
> The gallery on this site has never worked properly, though galleries on 
> several other sites of the same vintage and config work fine. The problem is 
> with the delete function in the Galleries admin. The admin appears to delete, 
> but when we refresh the page, the "deleted" image reappears. I have copied in 
> a new app folder inside the extension, but this did not change anything.
> I don't know what to try next. I'd hate for my client to have to remake her 
> entire gallery, so installing a different extension would be my last choice.
> All help/suggestions welcome.
> ~ Alexis
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I don't know that extension at all, but I'd start digging into the
controllers and models to see what is supposed to happen when you
delete a category. Perhaps it deletes a record in the database, but
leaves the files on the file system and you have some cache of the

Jim Gay
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