Rails 2.3.9
Radiant 0.9.1

I noticed recently that admin users in my Radiant app. can no longer logout successfully - upon logout, they are taken back to the /admin/pages (default admin) page.

I've been debugging this locally and checking out what happens between the calls to Admin::WelcomeController#logout and Admin::WelcomeController#login and as best I can tell, everything looks correct, but the session cookie doesn't get modified (the 'user_id' key does not get set to nil; I even _removed_ the 'user_id' key in the "logout" action and the next request still had the old 'user_id' value in the session).

It happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

I know this is one of those things that no one will be able to help with, but on the off chance that anyone has seen weird cookie-not-being-written behavior with Radiant 0.9.1/Rails 2.3.9, please let me know.


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