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On 10/5/10 1:04 PM, Jim Gay wrote:
On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Wes Gamble<>  wrote:

I am wanting to build a fairly full featured login/registration system for
my Radiant end-users (content consumers, not authors or reviewers).

Obviously, Radiant does come with a built-in authentication/authorization
system for administrative users.  I am trying to decide between exposing the
existing Radiant auth system to end-users (and possibly) customizing it, or
using something like devise, which gives me much richer functionality.

I'd be interested in hearing about anyone's experience with either:

a) using the built-in Radiant "lib/login_system" to manage end users
DO NOT do this. This system will change and as a result you'll need to
keep your updates to the user model in sync. If the people registering
are not editors, then don't jam them into the editor model.

b) using something else and challenges faced by using that something else
alongside Radiant.

Many thanks,
We will eventually pull out the editor auth stuff and make it
configurable too, but check out the extension registry to see how
other extensions do it (some piggyback the user model which you should

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