I am a new user to Radiant (coming from Drupal), and so far I've found
Radiant to be a great application. I have also received excellent help
from the community (here and on github), and this is also great.
(Actually, a strong and helpful community is the most important thing
of all.) I have almost finished rebuilding my website in Radiant, but
I just need to get the contact form working properly. I have installed
and setup the mailer extension and the contact form. The form seems to
work, but does not redirect me to the thanks page. Also I do not
receive the email (I'm working from localhost at the moment, on
Ubuntu, so the fact that I do not get the email is not overly
surprising. It could be caused by a number of things, though the mailq
is empty). The log, however, says "Sent mail to em...@address.com," so
at least something is working. I am in the process now of debugging
this, and I've started to look at various posts that discuss
validation, changing environments.rb, and so on. Before I wade too
deeply into this process, I thought I'd ask for a bit of help. I don't
want to do anything to break the whole system. So:

1. I've seen in various posts that I should add some email info to
environments.rb. There is currently no reference to such things in
that file. In the following two tutorials (let's hope the url's don't
get scrubbed here), different methods of adding email details are


Which of these should I use, or should I do something else? For now, I
have simply changed one line in environment.rb, as suggested by the
mailer documentation. I changed this:

config.frameworks -= [ :action_mailer ]

To this:

 config.frameworks -= [ ]

So, I haven't added mailing details (smtp, user, and so on) anywhere.
Perhaps that's the place to start. Suggestions most welcome.


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