I wanted to use ActionController like I always have, except render the
action with Radiant. So I wrote a gem that overrides "render" to take
instance variables and methods like "params" and "flash" from the
action and assign them to the page context to be accessible from my
Radius tags. It uses a Radiant page that matches the URL of the
request for rendering. Here's an example from the README:

EventsController < ActionController::Base

  def index
    @events = Event.all
    render :radiant

  def show
    @event = Event.find(params[:id])
    render :radiant, :locals => { :cool_event => @event.cool? }


So a request for "/events/23" will use a Page with the url
"/events/show" and will load tag.locals.event and
tag.locals.cool_event with the values given in the action.

You can override default page properties by passing them into the main
:radiant option:

  render :radiant => { :title => "Title Override", :breadcrumb => "My Page" }

This gem also opens up the possibility of handling different formats, like:

   respond_to do |format|
     format.html { render :radiant }
     format.json  { render :json }

Just do "gem install render_radiant" and require it in your
extension_config to install. Github:

Thought someone else might be interested in building custom extensions this way.

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