I now have two sites running on the same Radiant instance using the
vhost extension. When I try to add a snippet to the 2nd site,
ActiveRecord complains that I'm violating the unique constraint on the
snippet name. I thought the "apply_site_scoping" rake task of the
vhost extension would have limited any unique constraints to be within
the context of the site?

What's the proper way to have ActiveRecord apply this constraint only
within the site "namespace"?

2011-02-13T20:25:45-08:00 app[web.1]: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
(PGError: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint
2011-02-13T20:25:45-08:00 app[web.1]: : INSERT INTO
"snippets" ("name", "updated_by_id", "created_at", "filter_id",
"updated_at", "created_by_id", "lock_version", "content", "site_id")
VALUES('google_analytics', NULL, '2011-02-14 04:25:45.024735', '',
'2011-02-14 04:25:45.024735', 1, 0, 'fake-content', 2) RETURNING "id"):

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