I created a custom tag  for my MailChimp list sign-ups using the
Hominid gem. I ran into a bit of a challenge with the fact that there
doesn't seem to be a way to use form helpers inside a custom tag as
custom tags use %{ to escape html, which means that a rails <% tag is
misinterpreted as part of another escape clause. I found one post that
claimed form helpers could be used in custom tags but there was no
example of usage.

It's easy to use html within a custom tag, but a straight html form
will raise a InvalidAuthenticityToken error as the authenticity token
is not explicitly supplied. I used the following hack to create a
submittable form within a custom tag:

<input name="authenticity_token" type="hidden"
value="#{response.instance_variable_get(:@session)[:_csrf_token]}" />

This creates the same output as when a form helper tag is used and the
form submits. I just have to type <r:subscribe /> to get my form to
appear on any page.

Hope this is useful and it saves someone some time.

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