Hi Saša,

There is a very active, though slightly intermittent rails 3 branch, and the 
main reason for the relative quiet recently is that we are right on the edge of 
a verson 1 release candidate. The roadmap broadly goes like this, as I 
understand it:

* get v1.0 out with a definite core feature set and no bugs
* document the feature set and API properly
* small 1.0.x releases to fix anything we missed 
* get v2.0 out with the same feature set but on rails 3
* invent new stuff

All of these efforts are a lot closer to completion than they might seem: the 
challenge we face is to offer a steady release schedule and a predictable 
target while also getting all this new work out the door. It's going to be an 
interesting year for radiant.



ps. Jim will correct anything I've put wrongly, I hope.

On 29 Apr 2011, at 18:28, Saša Babić wrote:

> I hope this won't give the wrong impression, because I do realise things 
> don't just happen by themselves and I'm grateful to everyone who's been 
> involved with Radiant development.
> Is there anything being done to migrate Radiant to the latest Rails. Any 
> future plans in that respect? I don't see anything in the repository. I might 
> have missed it, though.
> BTW, am I wrong to think that the traffic on this mailing list has been 
> slowed down as well? Did everyone just migrate to BrowserCMS (latest beta 
> supports Rails 3.0), Refinery (Rails 3.0 supported) or something else? :)

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