On May 24, 1:06 pm, Tom Brooke <tom.bro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I should post an issue - it was with a new instance with Ruby1.9.2 (rvm)
> using radiant -d mysql newapp then cd to newapp and couldnt do rake tasks. I
> looked in the directory and didnt see rakefile or gemfile - maybe I need to
> do a bundle install

I was having the same issue in doing an upgrade of Radiant 0.9.1 to
1.0.0.rc1 the first step after installing radiant failed with rake
unable to locate task radiant:update (also missing radiant:freeze..

Probably need to do some core updates to my mac development box as was
running it on ruby 1.8.7 (rails 2.3.5), welcome suggested milestones
for 1.0.0.rc1?

In regards to Jim's Question on May 24, 5:08 am:
> Are you looking for those files to appear in your radiant instance or
> are they not appearing in your gem directory?

Can see them in the gem directory, but not in the radiant instance. A
Rakefile would be necessary in the instance directory in order to be
able to run rake. I copied Rakefile and this didn't resolve the issue,
would be willing to debug/trial fixes with guidance as I can be
available for this all week.

Kind Regards,

Paul Noden

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