On 2 Jun 2011, at 20:26, Wes Gamble wrote:

> An interesting note:
> ImageMagick is included by default on the Heroku "bamboo" (Phusion REE 1.8.7) 
> stack, since assets uploading "just works" on Heroku.  
> (I'm embarrassed to say that I just realized this even though have been 
> successfully uploading assets (on 0.9.1) on Radiant on Heroku for months.)
> ffmpeg is definitely not there, and I'm guessing ghostscript isn't either.
> I'll dig into the Heroku side of things about any opportunities to customize 
> those system level things, but in case it comes up...

Thank you. Useful. I'll add an initializer to check for ghostscript on startup 
too: if it's missing you'll still get pdf icons.


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