Radiant 1.0.0 RC2

By default, Radiant ships with several Sass files in Rails.root/public/stylesheets/sass.

In an attempt to debug why I am not seeing the Compass box-shadow mixin, I am fiddling with my Sass files.

So I just tried to prove that Sass is working normally, and I did the following test:

In sass/admin/_base.sass, I commented out

       #@import "base"

and then reloaded the "Pages" page in admin and got no styling (expected because the main.css file shows the error about missing something that should have come in from "_base"). This implies that the main.css file got regenerated.

I then uncomment

       @import "base"

and re-request the same page, and main.css does not get regenerated (and fixed, since it's dependencies are now satisfied).

Why does main.css regenerate on the first request and not the second?


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