I assume you're using the 1.0 release candidate, and therefore the new asset 
manager extension?

I've seen this with transparent PNG, too. The paperclipped created thumbnails 
didn't have transparent areas but instead black background. Radiant itself 
shouldn't change the file that you're uploading but will use imagemagick to 
create variants with other dimensions.

Do you use an attribute "size" with the tag r:asset:image? Try without it.



Am 15.06.2011 um 10:28 schrieb GD:

> Hello Everybody,
> I am new to the list, very new to CMSs and very very new to Radiant (a
> great system, very excited to use it) ...
> building my wife's chocolate & truffles website I wonder, if Radiant
> display animated GIFs. I uplloaded one and it doesn't work. Is there a
> trick to it or an extension?
> Thanks in advance and apologies if my questikon is too trivial
> Guido

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