On Jun 15, 12:02 pm, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
> On 15 Jun 2011, at 09:28, GD wrote:
> > Hello Everybody,
> > I am new to the list, very new to CMSs and very very new to Radiant (a
> > great system, very excited to use it) ...
> > building my wife's chocolate & truffles website I wonder, if Radiant
> > display animated GIFs. I uplloaded one and it doesn't work. Is there a
> > trick to it or an extension?
> Hello Guido, and welcome.
> Radiant doesn't touch the image file itself, so if you want to display the 
> uploaded GIF, you should only need a tag like this:
>         <r:assets:image id="x" size="original" />
> You should be able to omit the size parameter too: 'original' is the default.
> If you want to display one of the resized versions, you will run into two 
> issues. First, the standard thumbnail and icon are translated to PNG format 
> for use in the admin interface. You would need to add another thumbnail style 
> that did not change the image format. Secondly, an issue with paperclipped: 
> due to a pdf-resizing hack it will only capture the first frame of an 
> animated gif. There is a patch that we can apply if the main distribution 
> doesn't adopt it, but it will get a bit messy and I'm reluctant unless there 
> is a strong demand from the animated-gif-resizing community.
> best,
> will

Thank all for your quick answers


1. so if I choose the right dimensions for the gif, so the system
won't have to do an resizing, the animation will play, when the pages
are displayed?
2. is there an alternative to animegifs, that radiant will display
without any hassle?

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