To get around the caching issue we use javascript to insert Members
only content on Radiant pages, it's not always ideal to be inserting
content with javascript but it works and if we want a fallback for non
js users we might have a link to a member area (that the js insert
replaces) which will redirect to a login page if the member is not
logged in.

On Jun 22, 9:25 am, ""
<> wrote:
> Hello, I am currently trying to add in some functionality to a Radiant
> based site and am having no luck. Essentially, on the public side, if
> a member logs in, they should have content displayed just for them
> (so, for example, the main menu would display members only links).
> I have the login working fine, as well as the overall display of my
> custom extension (using the radiant backdoor extension to save/read a
> session variable to detect when a user is logged in), but I have to
> turn off caching of the site to work properly. It looks as if Radiant
> only does caching on a page level - which in my case means turning
> caching off for all pages.
> Is there any way around this? Can caching be done any other way? Or is
> there another way I could achieve the same effect?
> Thanks in advance,
> M.

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