Have you tried installing a different fork of the mailer extension?
That may help with the validation issue.


On Jun 21, 10:16 am, JT <webmas...@webproductionsinc.com> wrote:
> Through a process of elimination, I've narrowed this down to two
> issues.
> The "undefined method..." error seems to be related purely with the
> form validation functionality. If I leave any of the required fields
> blank when submitting the form, the error appears when the page
> reloads. For now I've just removed any requirements, but I'd love to
> get to the bottom of that one.
> Additionally, in my "mailer" page part, I had:
> from_field: sa...@mydomain.com
> and for a hard-coded email address (as opposed to an email address
> extracted from the form fields submitted by a site visitor) this
> should instead be:
> from: sa...@mydomain.com
> After making these changes the form now submits, the redirect occurs,
> and an email gets sent.
> Thanks for your help,
> JT

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