hello Erasmo,

The error seems to come from an IndexPage, because the response object
is missing.
If I'd face this problem myself, I would probably patch the snapshot
extension to not try to create static pages for IndexPages, and
somehow output a list of redirects to be made at the end of the

A quick fix would be to change the IndexPage to a normal Page, and
take care of the redirect on the static site yourself..

On Jul 15, 4:39 pm, Erasmo da Narni <erasmo.terzo.dana...@gmail.com>
> hi! i've installed the snapshot extension, and i get the following error:
> Processing Admin::SnapshotController#create (for at 2011-07-15
> 16:21:15) [POST]
>   Parameters: {"action"=>"create",
> "authenticity_token"=>"Qm9QSKiXMgml4Q/+G9BQb2bANhb4mnxlTx8+V+UgZQ4=",
> "controller"=>"admin/snapshot"}
> NoMethodError (undefined method `redirect' for nil:NilClass):
>   vendor/extensions/index_page/app/models/index_page.rb:8:in `render'
> vendor/extensions/snapshot/app/controllers/admin/snapshot_controller.rb:24: in
> `create'
> vendor/extensions/snapshot/app/controllers/admin/snapshot_controller.rb:23: in
> `each'
> vendor/extensions/snapshot/app/controllers/admin/snapshot_controller.rb:23: in
> `create'
>   radiant (0.9.1) vendor/plugins/haml/rails/./lib/sass/plugin/rails.rb:20:in
> `process'
> Rendering rescues/layout (internal_server_error)
> any ideas on how to fix this?
> tia.

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