On 14 Sep 2011, at 15:58, Dave wrote:

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> Is there a way to use the radiant gem and have it play nice without
> the vendored rails...???
> I am quite capable of using Bundler and my Gemfile to ensure Radiant
> is happy, but apparently this is not possible with the current radiant
> gem?

What you have there is not really edge, but quite an old release candidate that 
is about to be replaced any moment now.

Edge radiant vendors nothing, uses Bundler properly and sets everything up for 
you. The way to get it right now is from the repository:

First install radiant:

        $ rvm 1.8.7     # if you're using RVM. You may also want an @radiant 
gemset for testing purposes

        $ cd /tmp               # or wherever
        $ git clone git://github.com/radiant/radiant.git
        $ cd radiant
        $ gem build radiant.gemspec
        $ sudo gem install radiant-1.0.0.rc3.gem

Then use radiant to create an application:

        $ cd /var/www           # or wherever
        $ radiant myapp
        $ cd myapp
                … edit Gemfile to add extensions and config/environment.rb to 
configure application
        $ bundle install
        $ rake db:bootstrap

If you run into any problems with that sequence, please let us know. This is 
all about to be released and we'd be very glad of any input from testers.

Thank you,


ps. Once the RC3 gem is released, the installation sequence just be `gem 
install radiant`, of course.

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