Yes, you do need ffmpeg installed - RC2 will simply not boot without
it, in my (admittedly limited) experience with RC2, so this
requirement has been met already in my dev and production servers.

The issue I can see is that radiant was looking for a ruby file in the
local project directory when it should have been looking in the gem
directory (which is where I found it). The fact that this occurred on
3 systems (2 OSX/Lion, one Ubuntu 10.4) suggests to me that something
is quirky in the install process, but it's entirely possible that I
screwed up 3 separate times too :)

As you say though, this is an older build and is about to be replaced
- a very valid point.

Any ideas if upgrading to RC3 will cause significant issues from RC2?
I don't really have the luxury of time to debug tons of issues (as I
have already ported this app from 0.9 and used up a lot of my budget
in that exercise).
If it is a clean upgrade path and has significant performance benefits
over RC2 it will be worth it, otherwise it will be a difficult
decision to make, even if I do enjoy running the latest and greatest
(and as annoying as bugs are, solving problems is fun too!)

Thanks for your reply, your advice was welcome!

On Sep 14, 11:11 am, William Ross <> wrote:
> On 13 Sep 2011, at 18:22, James Martens wrote:
> > Hi again radiant peeps.
> > Another issue has cropped up for me on RC2.
> > In assets, I am trying to upload a video, but I am getting a very
> > strange error (occurs in both development and production). The error
> > happens as soon as I click the create asset button and appears to be
> > in the post process phase:
> > MissingSourceFile (no such file to load -- /Users/jaemo/projects/
> > family_justice/lib/paperclip_processors/frame_grab.rb):
> That is an odd error, but I'm not surprised: RC2 is very old now. RC3 is 
> about to be released and will bring in a much more recent version of the 
> clipped extension. I would advise that you try edge radiant (from the github 
> repository) or wait a day or so for RC3.
> And yes, people have tried uploading videos. You need ffmpeg installed to get 
> most of the benefit but it works very well.
> Will

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