You make a very compelling case for upgrading Will. The absence of
vendored gems/inclusion of bundler is a huge asset to me. I will have
to assess when it's released, maybe try an upgrade on a separate
github branch for my project.

We have made *extensive* mods to the member extension however (enabled
self-activation, and the project requires members to complete "steps"
to finish an video e-learning course, so I have added a steps model to
the inner workings of it).

Only one way to find out if it works I guess... Once RC3 is out I will
take some time to see if an upgrade works. If not, there is always the
next project! I like radiant well enough to stick with it,
particularly since there seems to be increasing momentum behind it
these days.

Thanks again!

On Sep 14, 1:44 pm, William Ross <> wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2011, at 19:11, James Martens wrote:
> > Yes, you do need ffmpeg installed - RC2 will simply not boot without
> > it, in my (admittedly limited) experience with RC2, so this
> > requirement has been met already in my dev and production servers.
> > The issue I can see is that radiant was looking for a ruby file in the
> > local project directory when it should have been looking in the gem
> > directory (which is where I found it). The fact that this occurred on
> > 3 systems (2 OSX/Lion, one Ubuntu 10.4) suggests to me that something
> > is quirky in the install process, but it's entirely possible that I
> > screwed up 3 separate times too :)
> > As you say though, this is an older build and is about to be replaced
> > - a very valid point.
> > Any ideas if upgrading to RC3 will cause significant issues from RC2?
> > I don't really have the luxury of time to debug tons of issues (as I
> > have already ported this app from 0.9 and used up a lot of my budget
> > in that exercise).
> > If it is a clean upgrade path and has significant performance benefits
> > over RC2 it will be worth it, otherwise it will be a difficult
> > decision to make, even if I do enjoy running the latest and greatest
> > (and as annoying as bugs are, solving problems is fun too!)
> RC3 is architecturally much more up to date than RC2, makes proper use of 
> Bundler and prefers to handle everything as gem dependencies. There is 
> nothing vendored and while we've taken a lot of care to be backward 
> compatible with older installations, the new model is much cleaner and easier 
> to manage.
> There is some unavoidable manual work in changing config.gem lines in 
> environment.rb to gem lines in the Gemfile but otherwise you should find that 
> it is a drop-in replacement for RC2, and a lot of what was new in that 
> release is now quite mature, especially the asset manager.
> It does depend how much customising you've done, though. There are migrations 
> and updates that might be complicated by local changes. I would say it was 
> definitely worth giving it a go, and that it will probably just work. But I 
> always think that. Please let me know when it doesn't.
> best,
> will

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