These are great ideas (IMO). As more people start to explore R0R-based
CMS solutions, many are looking at Radiant -- which is the best RoR
solution, in my view, but which is indeed challenging to people who
are not too familiar with the workflow and methodology behind Rails.
So, these folks want to try out Radiant but they get stopped right at
the start. That's a shame, and this first-impression-shock turns
(some) people away from the many possibilities of Radiant. As a
persistent but not savvy user, I have managed to make Radiant work for
me very well, but I do find that the toughest part is always right at
the start, when I get the invariable lists of error messages. Once the
app is running, though, it works wonderfully well and is very easy to
use. So, if something could be done to surmount this first hurdle, I
think Radiant would see its user base grow substantially.

On Dec 15 2011, 3:13 am, Dave <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been off the list for a while but using rails, radiant and
> spree for several years. Looking through many recent items on the mail
> list, I think that I can identify a common theme that has not been
> addresed. I only noticed this because I set up a new rvm environment
> using 1.8.7 to run radiant and I did not have the gems locally. Since
> github makes it very easy for new people to access the source (good),
> the mails indicate that many people are first trying to install and
> run radiant from a cloned radiant/radiant source tree (bad). Even
> though it is certainly not the best way to get started, we could try
> to make this easier for them, or provide hints to put them on the
> right path.
> For example, if a newb clones/downloads the radiant source tree, cds
> to radiant and then runs bundle install, it appears to work! He/she
> gets a nice message saying 'Your bundle is complete' but it is not
> truly ready for use. Then running 'bundle exec rake production
> db:bootstrap' as in the readme gets the next error message, which is
> 'no such file to load -- radius' because the bundle isn't designed for
> this purpose. It doesn't include radiant as a gem, which pulls in the
> other dependencies.
> We could:-
> 1) Include remarks in the readme and install files saying that it
> probably should not be run from the source tree :-) and advising them
> to install the radiant gem
> 2) include another file like a development Gemfile that contains the
> full list of dependencies and providing a hint to newbs that they
> should rename and use the longer file if they want to run from the
> source.
> 3) I know it sucks, but if we included a database.yml file (not just
> the templates like database.sqlite.yml), it would be one thing less
> for a novice to do
> David V.
> PS I hope that the for,atting works out this time!

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