I haven't had time to dive into these comments yet, but I really value
the feedback.

Radiant 1.0 will be out soon and we're working hard to make sure
things are easy.

I'm putting together a gist of instructions for the migration from
existing projects to radiant 1.0 here https://gist.github.com/1540782

Bear with me. Once the technical issues are solved we'll make sure
that instructions are clear for getting started.

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 11:46 AM, gt <g.time...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, getting started with radiantcms is really tough, but worth it...
> I tried for 2-3 days, ended up getting my server admin to do the
> install.. I think he only charged me a half hour. I still can't get
> many extensions working but it's good enough for now. Radiant is
> really easy to use, so it should be easy to set up too. One click
> would be nice.. like web2py.
> Radiant is great if you have complicated pages and want to be able to
> easily specify many different page parts. The tabs keeps it all nice
> and compact. And, having total control over the html & css is great..
> so much better than wordpress. Making site wide changes is a dream
> compared to my old static site.. and adding new content is a snap,
> every page can be a new directory with subpages.. nice URLs... Yes,
> radiant is very fun, even for someone like me that hasn't learned much
> programming yet.
> Tip: the firefox plugin 'It's all text!" enables external editing of
> the html/css in your radiant page parts with programs like
> dreamweaver. All you need to do is right-click on the text field and
> choose your editor, make some changes, then press save to update the
> original radiant page in your browser...  No more copy/paste. Amazing!
> On Jan 3, 3:17 pm, Ross Laird <r...@rosslaird.com> wrote:
>> These are great ideas (IMO). As more people start to explore R0R-based
>> CMS solutions, many are looking at Radiant -- which is the best RoR
>> solution, in my view, but which is indeed challenging to people who
>> are not too familiar with the workflow and methodology behind Rails.
>> So, these folks want to try out Radiant but they get stopped right at
>> the start. That's a shame, and this first-impression-shock turns
>> (some) people away from the many possibilities of Radiant. As a
>> persistent but not savvy user, I have managed to make Radiant work for
>> me very well, but I do find that the toughest part is always right at
>> the start, when I get the invariable lists of error messages. Once the
>> app is running, though, it works wonderfully well and is very easy to
>> use. So, if something could be done to surmount this first hurdle, I
>> think Radiant would see its user base grow substantially.
>> On Dec 15 2011, 3:13 am, Dave <dverr...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I have been off the list for a while but using rails, radiant and
>> > spree for several years. Looking through many recent items on the mail
>> > list, I think that I can identify a common theme that has not been
>> > addresed. I only noticed this because I set up a new rvm environment
>> > using 1.8.7 to run radiant and I did not have the gems locally. Since
>> > github makes it very easy for new people to access the source (good),
>> > the mails indicate that many people are first trying to install and
>> > run radiant from a cloned radiant/radiant source tree (bad). Even
>> > though it is certainly not the best way to get started, we could try
>> > to make this easier for them, or provide hints to put them on the
>> > right path.
>> > For example, if a newb clones/downloads the radiant source tree, cds
>> > to radiant and then runs bundle install, it appears to work! He/she
>> > gets a nice message saying 'Your bundle is complete' but it is not
>> > truly ready for use. Then running 'bundle exec rake production
>> > db:bootstrap' as in the readme gets the next error message, which is
>> > 'no such file to load -- radius' because the bundle isn't designed for
>> > this purpose. It doesn't include radiant as a gem, which pulls in the
>> > other dependencies.
>> > We could:-
>> > 1) Include remarks in the readme and install files saying that it
>> > probably should not be run from the source tree :-) and advising them
>> > to install the radiant gem
>> > 2) include another file like a development Gemfile that contains the
>> > full list of dependencies and providing a hint to newbs that they
>> > should rename and use the longer file if they want to run from the
>> > source.
>> > 3) I know it sucks, but if we included a database.yml file (not just
>> > the templates like database.sqlite.yml), it would be one thing less
>> > for a novice to do
>> > David V.
>> > PS I hope that the for,atting works out this time!

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