On 15 Feb., 17:34, William Ross <w...@spanner.org> wrote:
> Treating calendar information as page data is always horrible. Have a look at 
> the event_calendar extension:
>        https://github.com/radiant/radiant-event-calendar-extension
> With event_map and taggable_events it gives you this:
>        http://350.royalsociety.org/calendar/2010/june
> or more prosaically, this:
>        http://bcrunners.org.uk/calendar
> and it comes with a tolerable UI.

Thanks Will, I'll look into it if it suits my needs. Could be that I
need a little less "actual calendaring" but more something like a
diary. It's for a sports club website, they want to have a searchable
workout diary including descriptions, as well as the dates of the next
two trainings on the page. No locations, no import.



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