i'm in the process of doing a clean install of Radiant 1.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 
with Passenger and Nginx. i followed the instructions and was able to get 
it installed with RVM successfully (thank you for the step by step 
instructions). However, i was wondering whether it is a good idea to use 
RVM on a production machine instead of a development machine. Are any of 
you doing this? Is this a bad idea? If using RVM is preferred, are you 
installing Radiant and Passenger in the appuser's home, and then Nginx in 
/opt or somewhere else? Is the best practice to install each Rails app as a 
separate user, or the same appuser with different directories/gem sets/etc? 
Lastly, i'm getting a 403 error when trying to view the site, and i think 
i'm missing something really obvious. Any hints on which 
directories/permissions i should check? Thanks.


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