Hi roybot,

the first problem is rather easy to fix. You have an "enable comments" checkbox 
at every page (it's hidden unter the "less" link below the page title). Unless 
this box is checked, the if_commencts_enabled tag will not expand. It has 
nothing to do with the r:comments tag. Or at least that's how it's working on 
my installation here.

After a comment has ben posted, it needs to be approved to show up on the page, 
you can change this settings
To get the configuration right, take a look at the HELP_designer and HELP_admin 
files at the github page.


On 22.08.2012, at 20:21, roybot wrote:

> I use this host which has Radiant installed (Avlux), and since I can't get 
> sudo privileges they insisted on installing extensions for me.  They 
> installed the comments extension, which seems to have installed well 
> (snippets appeared, menu option for comments appears which looks like it will 
> display comments received, tags showing up and working).  Except there are 
> two problems;
> 1. The tag <r:if_comments_enabled/> always hides comment form fields even if 
> the <r:comments/> tag is present, which I read is supposed to enable them.  
> 2. When pressing the submit button, the form tag in the HTML states 
> action="/comments", which results in a 500 error.
> I'm kind of flying blind here not knowing jack about Ruby or Radiant, or 
> having much access, but I'm guessing that a setting must be off in a config 
> file somewhere?
> Perhaps someone has seen this before and knows of a solution.  Any advice 
> appreciated, thanks.

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