Thanks, that did work on the if_comments_enabled tag.  But I'm actually just 
cancelling the built-in radiantCMS hosting.  Drupal hosting offers much more 
out of the box without troubleshooting.  I was able to get what I needed set up 
in less than 30 mins.  If there's some huge advantage to having a Rails based 
CMS vs. PHP based, let me know, otherwise I don't see the point.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012, at 13:54, Michael Starke wrote:
> Hi roybot,
> the first problem is rather easy to fix. You have an "enable comments" 
> checkbox at every page (it's hidden unter the "less" link below the page 
> title). Unless this box is checked, the if_commencts_enabled tag will not 
> expand. It has nothing to do with the r:comments tag. Or at least that's how 
> it's working on my installation here.
> After a comment has ben posted, it needs to be approved to show up on the 
> page, you can change this settings
> To get the configuration right, take a look at the HELP_designer and 
> HELP_admin files at the github page.
> On 22.08.2012, at 20:21, roybot wrote:
> > I use this host which has Radiant installed (Avlux), and since I can't get 
> > sudo privileges they insisted on installing extensions for me.  They 
> > installed the comments extension, which seems to have installed well 
> > (snippets appeared, menu option for comments appears which looks like it 
> > will display comments received, tags showing up and working).  Except there 
> > are two problems;
> > 
> > 1. The tag <r:if_comments_enabled/> always hides comment form fields even 
> > if the <r:comments/> tag is present, which I read is supposed to enable 
> > them.  
> > 2. When pressing the submit button, the form tag in the HTML states 
> > action="/comments", which results in a 500 error.
> > 
> > I'm kind of flying blind here not knowing jack about Ruby or Radiant, or 
> > having much access, but I'm guessing that a setting must be off in a config 
> > file somewhere?
> > 
> > Perhaps someone has seen this before and knows of a solution.  Any advice 
> > appreciated, thanks.
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