I recently upgraded to 1.1.0 and had no issues. Then I migrated all of my 
assets inside the app (from my Public folder) and switched from Mongel as 
my new host doesn't support it. I'm having the following issue on both my 
host (the reborn TextDrive) and locally on my Mac (10.8.2).

I'm trying Unicorn (and Thin) and running into an issue where my Clipped 
URLs expand, but don't resolve to the underlying asset in the system 
(broken links). I gather it's something to do with Unicorn or Thin's setup. 
 However, I can't seem to apply any of the stated fixes that would normally 
work and I gather it's something specific with Radiant's interaction with 

I'm hoping someone is running Unicorn or Thin in production and provide 
some guidance.  Thanks.

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