Hi All,

If you're at the edge of your seat wondering how this is going, I'll just do a quick update.

On 7/1/2013 10:14 AM, Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
So far, I have
* changed the implementation of make_tmpname
* changed code within the mini_magick processor for deprecation
* changed code within attachment_fu for deprecation
* made a couple of other minor changes

After a long stint at debugging, tracing, and experimenting, I think I have found all the changes that are needed to make Gallery work with RMagick under Windows (other processors may also work on other platforms, but mini_magick and image_science didn't work for me). I made changes all over the place to attachment_fu and gallery - so, in the weekend, I might compare against the master versions of the two and see which changes are actually needed so that I can push my changes (or at least, have it available on my fork at Github).

So, my progress on the migration is now:
* Aggregation - built in
* paperclipped - built in with <clipped>
* Copy Move --> copy_move extension
* Reorder --> reorder_children extension
* CodeRay --> works fine
* Comments --> gem seems to work fine
* 111 = radiant 1.1.1
* Radiant Settings
* help
* Gallery

Next up, I need to out:
* something for multiple sites from the same instance (important!)
* event calendar
* functionality for "contact me" forms - "forms" or "radiant-mailer" (important!)
* my simple code for managing pages in multiple languages

I'll update once I have this working. Once the migration is done, I can move my blog from mephisto to Radiant and blog this experience!

Thanks for all your support.

Best Regards,

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