Hello list,

I'm stuck trying to use german as a language in radiant-1.1.1.

As the german language pack
<https://github.com/radiant/radiant-german_language_pack-extension> is
not available as gem I pulled its code via git into

Then I fixed and renamed the rake-tasks file
(i18n_de_extension_tasks.rake) to call the class
GermanLanguagePackExtension (instead of the nonexistent I18nDeExtension)
and actually do something (s/public/config). After that I could migrate and
update the extension (rake radiant:extensions:de:migrate).

Now I can select german as a language in the settings-panel of the
admin-section, but it doesn't change anything. All strings are still in

Could someone explain what I missed or need to do?

I'd be very happy for help!

Besides: The german language pack looks quite abandoned (there's a pull
request from a year ago and two open issues with no reply). Is that so?
How could one help to cope with that?



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