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You should be fine running the 2 apps together in ruby 1.9

Have your developers check out

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:29 AM, Kevin Li <> wrote:
> I'm a product manager, not an engineer, so please forgive my ignorance....
> Is it possible to run Radiant as a separate app from a RoR app running
> 3.2.x?  But have the 2 apps appear to the user as being "one.?"
> For example, we have an app that is currently being upgraded to Rails 3.2.x.
> We were running Rails 2.3.x and Radiant 0.8.1 to serve articles
> pre-registration.  Think of the articles as being "marketing pages."  So in
> effect, Radiant was running along side our main app.
> We have Radiant in a separate Git repo from the main app.
> Can we upgrade Radiant to 1.1.3 and still have it run alongside the main
> app?  And have both be using Ruby 1.9.x?
> Thanks for your help and feedback!
> Kevin

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Jim Gay
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