Quoting Andrew vonderLuft <avl...@gmail.com>:
> demo.radiantcms.org refreshes its data on the hour with rake db:bootstrap 
> using the Styled Blog option.  You can run this locally and then examine 
> the data that way.   If you need more help with Radiant sites 
> professionally, you can contact me at AVLUX support at supp...@avlux.net

Thanks for the help. The problem turned out to be in the file system,
not the data. To upgrade to Radiant 1.1.3, I committed everything to
version control and then just reran the 'radiant' command to
regenerate the site in the same directory. That mostly worked - except
that it did not copy new versions of the admin javascripts and css
into place - probably so as not to overwrite any customizations. 

In case anyone else has similar upgrade issues, I figured this out by
creating a completely new radiant project and pointing it at my
existing database. Since that worked fine, I just did a brute-force
recursive diff of the directories for the new site and my upgraded
one. Once I copied the javascripts file from the new site into my
existing one, I could access my existing blog posts and can add a new

Thanks again for everyone's help.

Cynthia N. Kiser


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